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Washing instructions · May 24, 2022

Help, my nappies smell!

Stinky nappies most often occur when you wait too long for wash day, dirty nappies do not get enough air while being kept in the nappy bucket/wetbag or are not rinsed after being used overnight.

Make sure to follow our laundry instructions well to prevent the nappies from any ammonia build up, mineral build up and residue. Happy Naps rarely need to be stripped and most often some little changes in your washing routine will solve the issue straight away.

Using too much detergent can result in residue building up in the fabric which can cause sensitivity, damage to the nappies, smells and leaks. When your nappies come out of the machine your nappies should smell of nothing. If you can still smell detergent this means you have used too much. If after washing they smell unclean, they have not been washed long enough, the wrong dose of detergent has been used, the machine was overloaded, or your machine just needs a maintenance cycle run.

How can I remove stains?

The sun is the cheapest and most effective way to remove stains. The UV rays break down molecular structure, causing stains to disappear and whites to look brighter. You will find stains fade even on overcast days. Just make sure not to bake your nappies in the sun; only keep wet nappies in direct sunlight and make sure to keep the printed side of the nappy out of the sun. How amazing is Mother Nature!!


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