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About us

We are on a mission! Our goal is to reduce disposable diaper waste with 20% before 2025. Together we can make this happen!

Hello Happy Tribe!


So nice to meet you here! My name is Romy, I am one of three founders of Happy Naps. The idea to start selling cloth nappies started after a very special time in my life, when I got to live very close to nature and came to the realisation that we, human creatures, are nothing but part of this beautiful planet.


For almost a year, I travelled with my boyfriend in a van all around Australia. Daily, we were surprised by the wonders of planet Earth, and we hope to share this experience once more with our children in the future. At remote areas, there were no garbage bins, and it could take several days before we were able to dispose of litter. During this time, we became very aware of all the waste we created, which helped us becoming more conscious consumers. The difference we can make in this world by making just some simple changes in our daily routine is enormous. It does not only have a positive impact on the planet, but it also has an incredible positive impact on ourselves. These days we try to buy only planet-friendly products that we truly need or can enjoy for a long time. We feel more grateful and happier than ever, and it is my dream to pass on this feeling to you.


There came a time I felt so helpless and sad in today’s world, that my brother, Jean-Paul, got inspired to do something about it and came up with the idea to start Happy Naps together. Being sad does not change a thing and the world can much better use our love, so here we are! Thanks to my brother’s knowledge about online marketing, we are convinced that we can have a special impact on today’s world. A few years ago, I introduced Jean-Paul to Marijn, whom I knew from high school, what leaded to a very special friendship.


In Marijn’s first year of high school, he got diagnosed with a chronicle illness. Marijn is incredibly smart, but no school could find a way to help him due to the rules within the Dutch school system. At fourteen years old, he had no choice but to go his own way and later start his own business. Marijn has shown like no other that more roads lead to Rome. It is our dream to expand our team in the future with special talented people who do not perfectly fit in the system of today’s world. We see you, we believe in you, and we value you.


Life has a different meaning to everyone, and no life purpose is the same, but in the end we all do it for the same thing: to be loved and to love.


We hope to bring happiness into your life and to create a cleaner and more loving planet. As we grow, we want to expand our positive impact on the world, not only by cleaning up the world from disposable diapers, but also by making Happy Naps available to families who need us more than any one of us.


With Love,

Marijn, Jean-Paul & Romy

Let's make Happy Naps the new normal!

Together we can make a change!
One baby alone goes through about 6000 nappies and it can take up to 500 years for a disposable nappy to decompose.

Your impact:

  • Use 20-30 Happy Naps instead of 5000-7000 disposables
  • Save 260kg diapers from ending up in landfill
  • Reduce your ecological footprint with 40%
  • Be the reason why the next generation can still enjoy the beauty of Planet Earth

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For the little souls on the planet, we have designed these gorgeous Happy Naps! Happy planet, happy bum, happy mum!

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