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Modern cloth nappies for your little one

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About our nappies

    Inspired by nature and a minimalistic lifestyle, our prints have been designed to inspire the world around you and your baby


      The materials and fastenings used, all contribute to a nappy that is functional and incredibly comfortable. With the snap of a few buttons, your nappy will easily resize as you need it. Our nappies are designed to fit newborns up to toddlers (3.5kg to 16kg) and are made of high-quality waterproof, leakproof, and breathable fabrics

        Happy Naps have a trim fit and minimal bulk between the tights and are lined with double gussets with an ultra soft microfleece to prevent leakage and ensure softness on the legs. The elastics along the back and between the tights give your baby all the freedom to explore the world!


          The nappies are not complete without an insert. An insert ensures that pee is collected properly. We have three different inserts so that you can adjust the absorbency to your little one’s needs


            A liner is not essential, but a great extra to make changing a number two easier. You place the liner on the nappy, directly under the bum. It catches the solid stool so you can easily throw it away


              When you purchase our nappies, you will receive free guidance from Romy by WhatsApp.
              This way, you will never stand alone & you can start using reusable diapers with confidence!


Easy to use

Made with love

What are reusable nappies?

Washable nappies… How does that work? Will my hands get dirty? Are the nappies difficult to clean? Will they not be too big for my newborn or too small for my toddler? We have good news for you, because it is not that complicated or dirty at all. We are pretty sure you will be amazed!

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Be the change you like to see!

We set out on a mission to create the best nappies ever for young families. They had to look beautiful and do the job. Yet our purpose was something bigger; to inspire positive change for the planet. Our goal is to decrease the amount of disposable diaper waste with 20% by 2025.

Your impact:

  • Use 20-30 Happy Naps instead of 5000-7000 disposable diapers
  • Prevent 260kg of waste from disposable diapers per year
  • Decrease your CO2 footprint with 40%
  • Contribute to more awareness in your inner circle and help future generations to enjoy this beautiful planet


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Any questions?

  • During the day, you change the nappy approximately 7 to 10 times when bub is a newborn and about 5 times when bub is an infant/toddler. At night, if you add extra absorbency, your little one can stay in the same nappy for 12 hours or more (unless they poo). Obviously, all babies are different and sometimes more frequent changing is needed (when ill for example). Since it is only a very short time that your baby needs more nappies than the rest of the nappy period (6 nappies a day), we recommend to you to do your washing more frequently during this stage to save some money. - Part-time: 8 nappies (2 per day) - Full-time during the day: 18 nappies (4 per day) - Full-time day and night: 24 nappies (6 per day) Please wash every second day and keep one day to dry your laundry in mind. Check out our bundles for best deals!
  • Using diapers at night is often more of a challenge than using nappies during the day, especially if your little one sleeps more than ten hours straight, is a heavy-wetter or a belly-sleeper. If you want to use the nappies at night, make sure to purchase one package of toddler inserts, made of 55% hemp and 45% cotton. At night, you place this one below a bamboo insert for extra protection. Combining different inserts is great, because bamboo absorbs the wee faster than hemp does, but hemp can hold more liquid than bamboo. If your baby is a heavy-wetter, also add a hydrophilic cloth to the pocket of the nappy: place the hydrophilic cloth on top of the bamboo insert. A hydrophilic cloth does not hold much liquid, but it does absorb the wee even faster than bamboo and gives the inserts more time to absorb the wee at its own pace. For belly-sleepers and baby boys it can help to place the hydrophilic cloth all the way in the front of the pocket, or to fold the bamboo insert partly double, for extra protection where it is most needed. If any leaks occur, always check if the inserts are saturated. If not, there is something wrong with the fit. If the inserts are saturated, an extra insert will be the solution. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need help.
  • Free from chemicals Better for your baby's bum. Happy Naps have an inner layer of micro-fleece which keeps the bum dry in a natural way. Disposable diapers can dry out the skin so bad that diaper rashes occur a lot sooner. Helps potty-training process Children who wear cloth diapers can be potty trained months before their disposable wearing friends, because they feel when they have done a wee. Save money Even tough the first purchase is a lot of money, you will save a lot of money over time. If you use disposable diapers for three years you will spend over €1000. If you decide to go for Happy Naps, you will save €506 over three years and even more if you can use them on a second child too. Also by using one happy nappy a day, you will save money and a lot of waste. Kinder for the planet Happy Naps are better for the planet than disposable diapers. In one year, your baby goes through 2000+ diapers that can take up to 500 years to decompose. By using Happy Naps, your ecological footprint can be reduced with 40%!
  • Happy Naps are adjustable and made to fit all babies between 3.5 and 16kg.
  • We have whipped out the calculator to calculate the price difference of single-use diapers compared to Happy Naps. Happy Naps will save you hundreds of euro over the course of your baby’s nappy wearing years. Your child will go through approximately 2555 nappies in their first year of life alone. If your baby would wear single-use diapers until potty training time (around three years old), you are looking at spending at least €1056 on the cheapest disposables for those three years. Happy Naps on the other hand are reusable, so once you buy your stash you have got them for your child’s entire nappy wearing life. A Happy Naps Full Time Bundle cost you €550. It may be a big investment, but it will definitely save you lots of money over time. You save minimum €506 and even more if you use your nappies with a second baby. Did you now that some municipalities subsidise 50% of the purchase value of Happy Naps? This means you can save even more! Like disposable diapers come with extra expenses for having to drive to the supermarket, cloth nappies come with extra laundry expenses. We have whipped out the calculator again to calculate the extra laundry costs... On average, a long cycle on 40 degrees cost €0,95 (this includes electricity, water, detergent and also maintenance and depreciation of the machine). You will notice that you need to do two extra washes every week when your baby is still very little, but the second year it will be just one extra wash per week. It is recommended not to leave dirty nappies in the nappy pail for more than two days, but it is easy to solve this issue by washing your nappies together with bath towels, baby clothes e.g. Most babies are potty trained before they turn three years old, but we do not want to promise things we cannot pinkie promise. So, let’s say your little one is potty trained at three years old; you will end up spending €197,60 on washing. Since our nappies dry super-fast and it is better for the environment, we do not think many of you will often use a dryer. If you do (for your hemp inserts it can be nice sometimes), please be mindful and use the lowest temperature possible and dry the inserts together with other items. The bottom line is, by switching (partly) to cloth nappies, you can make significant financial savings. Once your baby is potty trained, make sure to give your nappies a second life. It’s a wonderful way to make yourself and somebody else happy!

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