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More about the wetbags...

Using nappies on the go has never been easier with our wet bags. Keep odors out of your way and simply throw the bags together with the nappies and inserts into the washing machine once you get home. Until then, nobody needs to know what is inside your gorgeous bag 😉 Pair the wet bags with matching nappies and a change mat for the ultimate style combo!

Lifehack: Push the nappies out of the wetbag into the washing machine to keep your hands clean.

Wetbags are washing-machine proof and can be washed together with the nappies. Please don’t tumble dry since this will destroy the waterproof layer. The wetbags will come like dry out of the washing machine and dry in no time.

The small size is perfect for on the go and the bigger one great for at home use.

How does it work?

Keep odours out of your way by storing your dirty nappies in the wetbag. Simply wash the wetbag together with nappies


S: 30x40cm, fits 7-10 nappies (travel size)
L: 40x70cm, fits 20-24 nappies (for at home)

Holds liquids inside

Both waterproof and breathable

Strong zipper

Two departments to store clean and dirty nappies

Washing machine proof

Can be washed together with nappies

Frequently asked questions

  • Inserts are a must! A nappy is not complete without an insert, because inserts are the absorbing part of the nappy. Liners are not essential, but they do make cleaning a number two a lot easier, so try Then we also have some accessories that we think you will love! - Wetbags: A waterproof bag with two departments to store clean and dirty nappies. A small size that fits 7-10 nappies for on the go and a big one that fits 20-24 nappies for at home. - Change mats: Our travel change mats are easy to fold and to take with you wherever you go. - Baby wipes: Happy Naps wipes you can wash and reuse! This is not only better for the planet, but also a lot more gentle on your baby's skin than disposable wipes.
  • Yes they are! If the laundry instructions are followed well, your nappies will remain perfectly clean for years. Did you know there are many chemicals in most disposable diapers? That is why we think cloth diapers are a lot nicer for your baby than disposable diapers.
  • Cloth diapers are often more leakproof than disposable diapers, but correct use is very important. Happy Naps are very reliable if used correctly. Often it takes two days to get used to the nappies and to find the correct fit for your baby. Make sure to follow our instructions carefully and please do not hesitate to contact us if you need some help. We are more than happy to give you personal advise by Whatsapp and will do our best to reply to you at any time of the day.
  • Happy Naps are diapers that you can wash and reuse. The nappies are adjustable and fit newborns up to toddlers. You can read all about it in our E-Book. For questions, you can send us a whatsapp at any time of the day.
  • • Our inserts are made of natural fibres (bamboo, hemp and organic cotton) and can be stuffed into the pocket of the nappy. • The inner layer of our nappies is made of a high-quality, breathable, stay-dry fleece to leave the skin naturally dry and protect the bum from rashes. • The outer layer is made of water resistant PUL and functions to keep the wetness in while allowing airflow to reach baby’s skin. It is a very durable and quick-drying fabric.
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"Our goal is to decrease disposable diaper waste with 20% by 2025. Can we count you in?"

We are on a mission! We are cleaning up the planet by providing an alternative for disposable diapers that are not only better for our Mother Earth but also for your baby’s health. It is our dream to change the norm. Help us making this happen, one nappy at a time!

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