Happy Naps



The biodegradable bamboo liners help prevent staining and make poop disposal super simple. The liner can be placed on top of the nappy to catch and then discard solids. A nappy change has never been so easy, thank me later!

You can flush the biodegradable bamboo liners through most toilets, but if you are not entirely sure about your toilet system, please dispose the liner in the designated bin or even better; use them for your home-compost.

  • Anti-bacterial; for a healthy bum (it's a great barrier for creams too) 
  • 100% biodegradable 
  • 100 sheets per roll
  • 1 sheet measures 19x27cm 
  • For single use only

Customer Reviews

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Susanna Erlings

I cannot yet say much about using the Happy Naps, cause our little one is still happily growing inside my tummy. But I am very grateful for the thoughtful communication and super excited about the nappies that arrived today. They look absolutely stunning! But more importantly - the were packaged without plastic and every item in our bundle seems to be carefully thought through, to keep the environmental footprint to a minimum. Cannot wait to start this diaper adventure, which feels a lot less daunting since receiving our parcel today! ;)

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