Our mission

"Our goal is to decrease the amount of disposable diaper waste with 20% by 2025. Can we count you in?"

We set out on a mission to create the best nappies ever for young families. They had to look beautiful and do the job. Yet our purpose was something bigger; to inspire positive change for the planet. Our goal is to decrease the amount of disposable diaper waste with 20% by 2025. Can we count you in? 

Together we can make a change

By the time babies are potty trained, a baby could have used 4000 to 6000 disposable diapers. It can take up to 500 years for a disposable nappy to decompose. Together we can make a change!

Your impact:
- Use 20-30 Happy Naps instead of 4000-6000 disposables
- Save 260kg of disposable diapers in landfill per year
- Decrease your ecological footprint with 40%
- Help to raise awareness and inspire the world around you

Our core values


We love slow fashion. We make sure not to overproduce, therefore we only have one or two collections per year. Our orders are placed in large amounts to keep our impact on the environment at a minimum. In our entire production process, from manufacturer to you, we do not use any single-use plastics. Also, we ship your pieces of happiness with compostable mailer or in recycled boxes. 


Our nappies are made of mindfully chosen premium fabrics, which makes them incredibly functional and healthy for baby’s skin. Being adjustable and made of high-quality materials, our nappies are more sustainable than ever. They are made to last and contribute to a cleaner world. 

Made with love

We strive to design the most beautiful nappies to enhance precious moments with your little one. We believe all humans are a single family and the earth with all its resources is our common home. We are always here to support our tribe and are very open for your input too.