Getting started

Washable nappies… How does that work? Will my hands get dirty? Are the nappies difficult to clean? Will they not be too big for my newborn or too small for my toddler? I have some good news for you, because it is not that complicated and dirty at all. I am pretty sure you will be amazed!

Before first use
Before you use the nappies and inserts, we recommend you prep them first. Like any absorbent fabrics (think bath towels), the fibres need to be softened and ‘worn in’ to help them reach their maximum absorbency. If you skip this step, please keep in mind that the nappies will not reach their maximum absorbency until after ten washes.

1. Soak the inserts overnight in warm water.
2. Wash the nappies and inserts with a tiny bit our recommended laundry powder on 40 degrees.
3. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low temperature.
4. Repeat the same process two more times.

How to use

How to fit

A nappy is not complete without inserts and liners. Inserts make sure a pee-pee is well absorbed and liners make cleaning up a poo-poo super easy. We have three different inserts. Our standard inserts are a for everyone, the mini-inserts for newborn babies and our heavy-inserts for heavy wetters. They can easily be washed together with your nappies. 

Download the how to fit guide

Find the right fit

1. Lay the nappy open and place the insert into the pocket diaper. Then place a liner on top of the diaper, directly under baby’s bum.

2. Pull the front of the nappy up to baby’s tummy. Make sure it is pulled high enough to provide a snug fit around the base. The back and front of the nappy should sit at an equal high all around the waist. Pull the waist flaps and snap into place, but not too tight; leave enough wiggle room to slide 2-3 fingers into the waistband.

3. Tuck away any excess waist fabric, tuck up any excess front fabric and tuck in the legg elastics to prevent leaks.

Download the find the right fit guideClick here for small fit demo

Laundry guide

By following these instructions, you will help preserve the quality and extend the life of your Happy Naps.

1. Take the liner out of the diaper and throw in designated bin. Put nappy and insert in a nappy pail or wetbag with airflow.
2. Pre-wash the nappies and inserts on a short cold cycle with a tiny bit Blue Biotex.
3. Wash the nappies and inserts on a long cycle with a full scoop of our recommended laundry powder (optional to add more cloths).
4. Air dry the nappies and inserts (or tumble dry nappies on low temperature and inserts on medium temperature).

If you use your nappies during the night, you may notice they can get smellier than daytime nappies. For that reason, we recommend doing your washing first thing in the morning, together with the nappies from the day before. If you are not ready for a big load, you can hand rinse the used night nappy in warm water with detergent and run a spin cycle in the washing machine before adding it to the nappy pail.

Download the laundry guide