Experience for yourself how clean washable diapers are from Happy Naps!

In the past, washable diapers were no more than cotton cloths with safety pins. They were cleaned in a bucket of water after use. Nowadays, we can no longer imagine what that is like. We understand that the disposable diaper was a real invention in those days and that grandpa and grandma get a bit anxious when you tell them you consider washable diapers, but in 2022 a disposable diaper is not something to be proud of anymore... 

Disposable diapers are one of the world's biggest polluters and unfortunately do not decompose easily at all. In addition, many disposable diapers contain chemicals that you better do not expose your baby to. In fact, one of these chemicals can dry out their bum to a point where they become more susceptible to get a nappy rash... The fact that children can no longer feel when they have peed has also tripled the potty-training age compared to 50 years ago. It is crazy that disposable diapers still exist when the alternative is so much better for nature, your baby, and your wallet.

Nowadays washable diapers are much more convenient and work pretty much in the same way as a disposable one. You place a super-thin biodegradable liner inside, so you can easily dispose of poo. This keeps both the nappy and your washing machine clean. After use, you store the nappies in a bucket or wetbag until you have collected enough to do a full wash. The extra wash loads are far outweighed by the environmental impact of disposable diapers.

Do you want a bum to be proud of? In that case you should definitely check out the diapers from Happy Naps! Believe me, you won't want to put your baby on any more clothes, that’s how cute they are!

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