What other accessories do I need?

Wet bags

A waterproof zippable bag that makes transporting your nappies simple, smell-free and super cute! The wetbags come in two different sizes:

  • The bigger one fits 20 to 24 nappies, which makes it perfect for at home use. We use it as a dry pail and store our dirty nappies in here until ready for a big load.

  • The smaller one fits 7 to 10 nappies and is designed for on the go.
    Both wetbags have two separate compartments with zippable closures on each pocket. When on the go, you can use one pocket for clean nappies and the other pocket for dirty nappies.

Travel change mats

Our change mats feature a beautiful print on one side and a luxuriously soft bamboo velour feel on the other side. They are incredibly functional on the road and will make you proud to whip out for those public nappy changes.

happy naps accessoires

Bamboo cloth wipes

Super soft and the perfect complement to cloth nappies for any eco-conscious parent. You can use them as baby wipes, hand wipes, eye and makeup remover wipes, for facial cleansing and even for cleaning your house... there are no limits!

Our reusable bamboo wipes are the best for cleaning number twos as the wipes are larger and more grippy than other wipes and most importantly, healthier for baby’s sensitive skin. We recommend wiping excess poo off the bum with some toilet paper or liner first and then use a bamboo wipe to get the bum soft and clean. This way there will be no need to shake the poo of your wipes before adding them to the dry pail.

Coconut oil is an all-in-one wonder liquid, witch hazel is a natural astringent and anti- inflammatory, vitamin E oil is easily absorbed by the skin and can prolong shelf life and both lavender and tea tree essential oils are antimicrobial and tea tree is disinfecting as well (only use essential oils when bub is older than 3 months and always patch test essential oils first).

Soak or spray the nappies with some water or make this healing balm:

  • 50ml water
  • 2tbs coconut oil
  • 2tbs witch hazel
  • 6-8 drops vitamin E oil
  • 3-4 drops lavender and/or 3-4 drops tea tree essential oil (patch test first!)

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