What laundry detergent can I use best?

We love everything eco, except for when it comes to laundry detergent, as it is possibly not strong enough to clean the nappies well. We recommend using half a scoop of blue Biotex with some washing powder for the short cycle.

For the long cycle we recommend laundry powder for coloured clothing only; without bleach, fabric softener or stain removals and with less than 5% soap.

Consider one of the following brands: Biotop, Klok or Ulrich Naturlich. Please do not use Formil as this product seems to be the reason behind many damaged nappies.

Also, to prevent ammonia build-up, it is best to put the laundry powder straight into the drum instead of using the detergent drawers. We recommend reading the packaging of your detergent and find the recommended dose for your water hardness and drum size and then use 3⁄4 of this recommended dose, as you often haven’t got a full drum.

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