How to fit?

4 steps:
  1. Lay the nappy open and place the insert into the pocket of the nappy. Then place a liner on top of the nappy (if you use one), directly under the bum.

  2. Pull the front of the nappy up to baby’s tummy. Make sure it is pulled high enough to provide a snug fit around the base. Tighten the rise snaps so the nappy is not sagging and not compressing either.
    how to fit Happy Naps
  3. The back and front of the nappy should sit at an equal high all around the waist. Pull the waist flaps and snap into place, but not too tight; leave enough room to slide 2-3 fingers into the waistband.

  4. Tuck away any excess waist fabric, tuck up any excess front fabric and do not forget to tuck in the leg elastics to prevent leaks.

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