How to convince your partner?

Not every mom and dad are on the same page when it comes to decide how to diaper their little one. Maybe you have never done a nappy change in your life and have no idea what baby poo looks like. It is totally understandable if you feel overwhelmed.

For you as parents, but also for your grandparents and your babysitter, the less thinking required, the better. Cloth nappies have improved a lot over the years and are no longer what they used to be. Happy Naps are the easiest to use cloth nappy on the market and not more effort than disposables at all.

Reusable nappies are not a dirty job! Breastmilk or formula poop is 100% water soluble. The only thing you need to do is close them and add them to the dry pail until you are ready for wash day. Your hands will stay clean, and the washing machine will do its job. Once your baby starts having solids at about six months, you can place a liner on top of the nappy to catch most of it. When the nappy is soiled, you simply dispose of the liner in rubbish and add the nappy to the dry pail. Trust me, that whatever is left, the machine can handle. Cloth diapered babies have way fewer poo blowouts, which makes them even less dirty than disposables.

als ouder wil je het beste voor je kindje

Not all of you may realise what kinds of chemicals are in disposable diapers. Share the facts with your partner and discuss how you can save 6000 diapers (per baby) from ending up in landfills for the benefit of your little one. Happy Naps are not only better for your baby and the planet, but for you too. You never have to cart stinky trash or run out at night to grab more diapers when you run out, and you save a lot of money by using reusables too. Telling your friends and family that you want a cloth diaper (think baby shower gifts) can be a great way to get started.

Don’t forget to support each other with taking care of your little one in any way your partner is comfortable. Often, once your partner sees how easy cloth nappies really are, they will come around to cloth nappies too.

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