How often do I need to change nappies?

Check every 2-3 hours if the nappy needs to be changed. At night, if you add extra absorbency, your baby can stay in the same nappy for 12 hours or more (unless they poo).

If your baby has done a wee during the day, but the nappy is still dry, you can get away with only changing the inserts. If the nappy is soaked or your baby has done a poo, you need to change the nappy as soon as possible. There is no need to take the insert out of the nappy before adding it to the dry pail. Just add it to the pail and get the insert out of the nappy after you have run a spin cycle in the washing machine. This way you keep your hands clean.

The liner needs to be disposed of in rubbish when bub has done a poo but can be washed and reused if your baby has only done a wee. Please be aware that the liners are biodegradable and can only be reused a limited amount of time.

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