How many nappies and inserts do I need?

During the day, you change the nappy approximately 7 to 10 times when bub is a newborn and about 5 times when bub is an infant/toddler. At night, if you add extra absorbency, your little one can stay in the same nappy for 12 hours or more (unless they poo). Obviously, all babies are different and sometimes more frequent changing is needed (when ill for example). Since it is only a very short time that your baby needs more nappies than the rest of the nappy period, we recommend to you to do your washing more frequently during this stage to save some money.

How many nappies you need depends on how many washes you want to do every week. It is most common to wash every second day and to use 6 nappies per day.

  • If you use Happy Naps only part- time, you will need about 10 nappies and 15 inserts.

  • If you use Happy Naps full time during the day, you will need about 18 nappies and 22 inserts.

  • If you use Happy Naps day- and night-time, like the example below, you will need 24 to 28 nappies and about 35 inserts.

Day 1: 6 used nappies
Day 2: 12 used nappies
Day 3: 18 used nappies (start wash after bub goes to sleep)
Day 4: 6 clean nappies left to use while the rest of the stack is drying (= 24 nappies in total)




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