How do I wash my cloth nappies?

While it may feel overwhelming at first, cleaning cloth nappies is easy— no soaking or scrubbing is required. By following these instructions, you will help preserve the quality and extend the life of your Happy Naps.

Step 1

Take the liner out of the nappy and dispose of it in rubbish or, if not using a liner, ‘empty’ the nappy in the toilet. Put nappy with insert in a dry pail lined with a wetbag. Please do not soak the nappies; dry-pailing is much better for your nappies. To make the nappy bucket smell nicer: soak a muslin in some water with a couple of drops of lavender or tea tree oil, wring the bamboo wipe or muslin out loosely and then leave it over the top of your nappies in the bucket – as you add additional nappies, place them underneath this cover.

Step 2

Run a rinse cycle on COLD temperature with half a scoop laundry-powder and Blue Biotex.
A rinse cycle is better than a prewash as modern
machines are so water efficient; they often reuse water from a prewash whereas rinse cycle water is always fully drained away.

Step 3

Now, take the inserts out of the pocket. Wash the nappies and inserts on a long cycle (max. 40 degrees, 1200 revs) and add a full scoop laundry- powder into the drum. Add more cloths or towels until the machine is 3⁄4 full, but be careful with metal zippers and sharp items. If your washing machine does not use enough water, it helps to add a wet towel to the washing load. Run an extra cold rinse cycle every so often or when needed.

When your nappies come out of the machine your nappies should smell of nothing. If you can still smell detergent, you have used too much. If they do smell unclean after washing, they have not been washed long enough, the wrong dose of detergent has been used, the washing load has been too big, or your machine needs a maintenance cycle run.

Step 4

Air dry the nappies and inserts. Never place the nappies on a radiator, just hang to dry over two clotheslines and make sure the elastics do not stretch out too much. You can also tumble dry the inserts on low to medium heat together with a dry towel to speed up drying time.

If you use your nappies during the night, you may notice they can get smellier than daytime nappies. It helps to hand rinse the used night nappy in warm water with a tiny bit of laundry detergent before you add the nappy to the dry pail. Make sure not to keep your nappies in here for longer than two days to prevent ammonia build-up.

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