Save money and waste with Happy Naps

Did you know that by using washable diapers you save a lot of money and waste? Also, washable diapers do not contain chemicals, which reduces the chance of diaper rash.

Your little one will go through at least 2000 diapers a year(!!). After three years that amounts to 6000 and unfortunately, they don't decompose as easy as you may think. Disposables cost us a €1000 and create 260kg of waste per baby. For these reasons and for the development of your little one it will be good to have your baby on the potty as soon as possible.

Because of the many chemicals in disposable diapers, which keep your little one’s bum so dry that they do not notice when they have peed, babies are toilet trained much later these days than before the existence of disposable diapers. In the last 50 years, the average toilet-training age has gone from 18 months to 36 months.

So why not go back to washable diapers? Many of us find it a dirty or uncomfortable idea and think that washable diapers form a huge package around the bum.

Since last year, there are Happy Naps. These washable diapers work almost the same as disposable diapers, only you wash them instead of throwing them away. It is a narrow nappy that fits nicely, so you do not suddenly have to buy new clothes for your little one and can easily make the switch. They have also found a way to deal with the 'dirtiness'. By putting a super thin bamboo biodegradable liner in the nappy, the stool is collected, so the nappy and your washing will stay machine clean. They also have an elastic band at the back to prevent poo-blowouts. Believe me, this will save you lots of trouble! 

Are there any disadvantages? You will have to do one extra wash a week (which still makes reusables a lot more environmentally friendly than disposable diapers). On the other hand, you will never have to carry diapers around again and you will always have enough of them at home. There are even special wetbags to store nappies on the go and make sure odours cannot escape. This way they are also easy to use at day care centres.

What does it cost? €550 for a full-time bundle. So, you save a lot of money with this as well. If you prefer to pay in three instalments, that is also possible. Order a trial package first to see if it is something for you. Happy Naps has a great customer service, so do not hesitate to contact them if you need any help.

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