Can a cloth nappy be used as a swim diaper as well?

Yes 100%, but the nappy cannot be used as a cloth diaper after it has been in contact with Chlorine. Make sure to choose just one nappy that you only use for swimming.

Without doubt you will like our swim diapers, which are especially designed for swimming, a lot more. They are adjustable and made to fit perfectly around every little baby bum. Our swim nappies are nicer for swimming than our cloth nappies, because the inside is also waterproof which makes them less heavy in the water.

If you decide to use a cloth nappy as swim diaper, you can forget about the insert. Inserts are made to absorb a wee but will absorb the entire pool if you go swimming with them, so you can just leave them out. There is no swim diaper that can absorb your baby’s pee, also by disposable swim diapers the pee will pass through to the water. For this reason, you rather keep your head above the water when you entre a baby pool.

Swim nappies do contain solids very well, but it is still recommended to change the diaper as soon as possible when you notice that your little one has done a number two and to change diapers in between swimming.

Are you ready for a day at the pool/beach? Make sure to always take two swim diapers with you and a small wetbag to store the wet ones in after swimming.

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