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We have whipped out the calculator to calculate the price difference of single-use diapers compared to Happy Naps. Happy Naps will save you hundreds of euro over the course of your baby’s nappy wearing years.

Your child will go through approximately 2555 nappies in their first year of life alone. If your baby would wear single-use diapers until potty training time (around three years old), you are looking at spending at least €1056 on the cheapest disposables for those three years.

Happy Naps on the other hand are reusable, so once you buy your stash you have got them for your child’s entire nappy wearing life. A Happy Naps Full Time Bundle cost you €550. It may be a big investment, but it will definitely save you lots of money over time.

Reusable nappies are better for your pocket. You save minimum €506 and even more if you use your nappies with a second baby. Did you now that some municipalities subsidize 50% of the purchase value of Happy Naps? This means you can save even more!

Like disposable diapers come with extra expenses for having to drive to the supermarket, cloth nappies come with extra laundry expenses. We have whipped out the calculator again to calculate the extra laundry costs...

On average, a long cycle on 40 degrees cost €0,95 (this includes electricity, water, detergent and also maintenance and depreciation of the machine). You will notice that you need to do two extra washes every week when your baby is still very little, but the second year it will be just one extra wash per week. It is recommended not to leave dirty nappies in the nappy pail for more than two days, but it is easy to solve this issue by washing your nappies together with bath towels, baby clothes e.g.

Most babies are potty trained before they turn three years old, but we do not want to promise things we cannot pinkie promise. So, let’s say your little one is potty trained at three years old; you will end up spending €197,60 on washing. Since our nappies dry super-fast and it is better for the environment, we do not think many of you will often use a dryer. If you do (for your hemp inserts it can be nice sometimes), please be mindful and use the lowest temperature possible and dry the inserts together with other items.

The bottom line is, by switching (partly) to cloth nappies, you can make significant financial savings. Once your baby is potty trained, make sure to give your nappies a second life. It’s a wonderful way to make yourself and somebody else happy!

 Extra costs:

  • Year 1: €0,95 x 2 x 52 weeks = €98,80
  • Year 2: €0,95 x 52 weeks = €49,40
  • Year 3: €0,95 x 52 weeks = €49,40

Total = €197,60 extra laundry costs, over a time period of three years.

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