Better for your baby’s bum

These days diaper rash occurs by 50% of all babies, while before the 50’s when disposable diapers did not exist yet, diaper rashes only occurred by 7% of all babies.

The reason why cloth nappies may cause fewer diaper rashes is that cloth diapers do not use the same chemical components as disposables. By Happy Naps we make sure to only use healthy fabrics for your baby’s skin.

Better for your baby's bum

What makes a big difference too is that parents do not feel the pressure to get their money’s worth out of a nappy, like they do with disposables. So, if you know your baby has done a wee, you will change the nappy instantly.

  • Our inserts are made of natural fibres (bamboo, hemp and organic cotton) and can be stuffed into the pocket of the nappy.

  • The inner layer of our nappies is made of a high-quality, breathable, stay-dry fleece to leave the skin naturally dry and protect the bum from rashes.

  • The outer layer is made of water resistant PUL and functions to keep the wetness in while allowing airflow to reach baby’s skin. It is a highly breathable fabric which helps keeping your baby’s bum in good health.

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